Warranty and Water Resistance:

AUX-LOC™ does NOT create a water tight seal to any depth. Damage due to water entering the housing via the battery compartment without the factory battery cap installed is NOT covered by EOTech's 10 year warranty.

RDP Components and/or AUX-LOC™ will not be held responsible to replace or repair your optic in the event of damage to submersion. Period.

We are currently performing testing to determine the depth of allowable submersion.

Thank you for your interest in AUX-LOC™

Field Installation: AUX-LOC™ tether

AUX-LOC™ comes with;

  • 5" cable
  • (3) ferrules
  • Spare o-ring

AUX-LOC™, cable, ferrules and spare o-ring

Keynote: small pliers required for installation


1. Remove factory battery cap and tether


2. Insert cable into ferrule


3. Insert cable end thru tether opening in housing from the "inside"...

...and back thru the ferrule


4. Pliers with rounded edges are recommended to crush/crimp the ferrule to secure the cable (jewelers pliers are shown below)

AUX-LOC™ with crimped ferrule

5. Once crimped, test that the ferrule has been secured properly.

Gently pull the cable to test that the ferrule has been crimped properly. An extra ferrule is included should the process be repeated.

WARNING: AUX-LOC™ does NOT create a water tight seal and damage will result to the optic if submerged.


AUX-LOC™ Functions

The button on the AUX-LOC™ controls the battery

Turn the battery ON and OFF using the AUX-LOC™


ON and OFF:

The AUX-LOC™ is to be in the OFF position when the optic is NOT in use.


AUX-LOC™ Operation

Press the AUX-LOC™ once to connect battery power (button out)

Press the dimming arrow (down) button on the sight to TURN ON the optic

Press the AUX-LOC™ again to TURN OFF the optic, disconnecting battery power and eliminating parasitic drain by 100%


Warranty and Water Resistance:

Installing an AUX-LOC™ "should not" void the warranty, however this is NOT yet confirmed in writing. AUX-LOC™ is not considered a modification to the optic circuitry.

AUX-LOC™ has not yet been rated to a specific depth. AUX-LOC™ is NOT rated for submersion of any kind. EXPS3 users without AUX-LOC™ can allow submersion of 33ft. All other models, users without AUX-LOC™ can submerge these optics to 10ft.

If you are using your EOTech XPS or EXPS in situations that create the potential for submersion AUX-LOC™ will not protect or be held responsible for your optic. This damage is NOT covered by EOTech's 10 year warranty and AUX-LOC™ will not replace your optic in the event of submersion. We are currently in the process of testing to gain the required information for a depth rating. Thank you for understanding.